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Why Chose BSPS?

Our Six Key Principles

While we work across a broad range of services, industries and budgets, BSPS is always consistent in its values and behaviours. We focus on the highest levels of professionalism in our relationships with our clients, suppliers, consultants, subcontractors and project partners.

We are family owned, and our directors are heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the business. You’ll find that everyone on your project is reliable, motivated and invested in its success.

Our projects deliver responsible, quality workmanship and the best possible value for money. And you can trust that preserving health, safety and the environment is at the centre of every project.

Excellent Service

We respect the trust you place in us when you use BSPS. You’ll have your own contracts manager as a single point of contact. And our directors are engaged and involved in daily business operations so they’ll happily discuss your project personally at any time.


We want to make your life easier and we know that this starts with us being easy to work with. Our staff are highly experienced and we carry out much of the project work ourselves, which gives us a flexibility and a sense of accountability that few of our competitors can match.


You can expect us to put our relationship with you first because our focus is always on the long term. We think that this is one of the reasons why over 88% of our clients continue to return to us.

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Outstanding Quality

You demand excellence. To achieve that, BSPS has developed quality management systems registered to the ISO 9001, guaranteeing a consistently excellent standard of both service and workmanship. A constant process of review against the project objectives ensures delivery of the highest quality. Our clients tell us this produces outstanding results and gives great peace of mind throughout the process.


We directly employ much of our team, bringing both flexibility and quality of workmanship to your project. Our highly skilled teams are trained in the latest building techniques, meaning your work is done right the first time to the highest standards.

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Competitive Value

You want a fair and competitive price – we understand – and you also need to know that we will deliver to that budget. Taking time to scope your project carefully reduces the room for error, and our consistent, regular communication throughout project execution ensures that both budget and programme remain on track.


BSPS has an in-house procurement team that searches for the most competitive prices without compromising quality. They use a tried and tested network of tradespeople, suppliers and specialist subcontractors. These partners share our values and support us in keeping your project to budget.


In short, you can be confident of a competitive price that doesn’t compromise results.

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Safe Sites

Keeping everyone who is involved or comes into contact with our operations safe and well is at the heart of what we do at BSPS. When you award your project to us, we understand you are also potentially placing occupiers, neighbours, the public and your reputation in our care too.


We use a comprehensive health and safety management system to help us achieve and maintain the highest standards of care across our operations. And everyone at BSPS and in our supply chain understands the commitment we expect of them in every project.Having regular independent safety audits shows our commitment to achieving zero harm and first-class safety performance, minimising risk to people, equipment and the environment. Our strict practices help us achieve low accident/incident rates, and our many industry accreditations reflect this.


We believe in showing respect and courtesy to every person in our working environment. You can trust that your reputation and stakeholders are safe with us.

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Exhaustive Planning

Time is money, and you want your project finished on schedule. We carry out detailed analysis, such as for procurement lead times, subcontractor reliance and work progress, and use this to create a comprehensive risk register.


Documenting our programme at this level keeps us flexible and adaptable. Our extensive experience means that we design realistic timetables, and if issues arise we can confidently present you with solutions.


You’ll always find a pro-active approach from BSPS because we believe accountability is key to a successful project.

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Responsible Operations

BSPS is a privately-owned family business. We place huge importance on transparency, corporate governance, fair treatment of our workforce and supply chain and respecting the communities we work in.


Being a ‘Considerate Constructor’, our teams are trained to apply the highest level of environmental best practice, and our operations focus on creating minimal environmental impact and leaving a positive impression of the industry. BSPS strives to reduce waste and eliminate pollution and nuisance to our environment.


You can rest assured that we will respect your environmental and corporate social responsibility policies in all we do for you.

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"BSPS’s commitment to safety is unique. You can feel the difference on their sites. Their management of Health and Safety is paramount at all times."

Bernie Sims, Bernard Sims Associates

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