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Harbour Exchange Cranes

Service: Decoration & Restoration

Sector: Heritage

The Docklands at Canary Wharf are home to huge imposing cranes that preserve the culture of the area. These cranes are part of London’s history and so BSPS was called in to restore them.

The cranes sit outside Harbour Exchange, a bustling office building in an area with a daily footfall of 10,000. Because of this, all work had to be fully segregated, and a birdcage scaffold was erected to ensure the public could still safely walk underneath.

The expert team managed to paint the entirety of the two gigantic cranes using a cherry picker to reach the nibs. Work was carried out with little disturbance to the public by working out of hours. The team was also asked to skilfully remove asbestos from the engine room as well as install impressive new lighting.

The cranes are now in full working order with a fresh coat of paint, and they serve as a reminder that this busy financial district of the capital was once a thriving port that welcomed ships and goods from around the globe.

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