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Holborn Town Hall

Service: Decoration & Restoration

Sector: Heritage

Town halls are at the very heart of a community, but few are as beautiful as the magnificent Holborn Town Hall in London.

This Grade II listed building features early French Renaissance and Baroque detail and won’t fail to impress anyone who walks by. With such a remarkable structure, a highly skilled team were required to restore it.

BSPS worked on stone repairs, cleaning, roof repairs and even touched up the gold leafing to the crest on the balconies.

The team also undertook window refurbishment and replaced some of the damaged timber.

As the building was in a poor state, some of the stonework had to be reformed on site to create the stunning architectural details. Scaffolding was erected and struck at night as the building is on such a busy road.

With BSPS’s exceptional attention to detail and expert care, the grand hall was soon looking brand new.

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