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Marylebone High Street

Service: Decoration & Restoration

Sector: Residential

Marylebone High Street has been described as ‘the hidden wonder of the West End’ by BBC 4 listeners and was once home to the prestigious broadcasting house, BBC London.

The majority of the buildings in the shopping street date from 1900 but it has been consistently revitalised by the local landlords, who strive to maintain the elegance that has come to be associated with it. Because of this dedication, BSPS was asked to carry out work to keep the street on top form.

Work that was required included roof repairs, external pointing and decoration. The expert team at BSPS had to work around the extremely busy zebra crossing in the middle of the street and set up pedestrian walkways to enable the scaffolding to be erected and dismantled out of hours.

The team worked efficiently and freshened up the street to be enjoyed by shoppers all across London.

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