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Apothecaries Hall, London

Service: Refurbishment

Sector: Heritage

Nestled behind the famous St Paul’s Cathedral, Apothecaries’ Hall is one of the oldest Livery Halls in London. This Grade 1 listed building is classed as a monument and is full of fascinating artifacts and historic features. It’s one of the most striking places to host parties, dinners, or any special occasion.

To preserve the beauty of the monument, the expert team at BSPS were called in to restore the roof of the building. Rooflights were replaced above the occupied office spaces along with general repairs to keep it in top condition. The team applied a liquid waterproof coating to prolong the life of the roof and protect the impressive features.
With the monument being in such a central and busy part of London, the only way to transport materials to the roof was to erect a scaffold to the outside elevation within the courtyard. With the building being listed, the team were not able to drill the external wall and so a scaffold stair to the outside of the building was constructed that was anchored down with large containers of water.

Even with the team coming up with a creative use of scaffold, the project was competed in only four weeks with minimal disruption. With the roof now effectively sealed and repaired, the monument will continue to amaze guests for years to come.

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