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Oak Road Apartments

Service: Refurbishment

Sector: Residential

Ealing is a leafy, laid-back area of London famous for the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre which has been the heart of the community for almost 40 years.

The lively shopping centre complex is also home to six exclusive apartments with striking arched windows. The expert team at BSPS were called in to refurbish the residences to bring them bang up to date while maintaining their original style.

Externally, the team repaired the roofs, dormers, gutters, rainwater pipe’s brickwork and the external windows. They also installed security fencing and gates with electronic access control.

Internally, all existing fixture fittings and floor finishes were removed, and brand-new kitchens and bathrooms were fitted. Luxury vinyl flooring and thick carpets were laid, and the team created bespoke front doors and new modern ironmongery to all existing windows and doors.

All six apartments were installed with new heat source pumps and energy saving LED lighting and modern switches and socket outlets to give the apartments a sleek and modern finish.

Busy such a being area of London, the team had to skilfully work around the six live and busy retail units below the apartments and ensured there was minimal disruption.

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